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Agamity allows users to connect with gamers online. Here you can have your own unique gaming feed, discover what your friends play, search new gamers by typing a game you like, have your distinctive gaming profile and much more. Discover more down below...

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What can I do on Agamity?

Create a profile

On your profile page, you will have all your games, posts, gaming accounts, and gaming information

Hang out in parties

Party is the place where you read and discuss games. Agamity stores more than 51 thousand games, therefore you will certainly find the community for you. You can even create your party for your friends

Discover your friends activity

Check if your friend is playing a game, streaming live on Twitch, or check the recently played games

View your feed

Feed is the place where you view your friends' posts and gaming experiences. Post here all your clipped videos from when you were gaming

Why use Agamity?

Everything in one place

Now you don't need to visit several sites to obtain a piece of information. On Agamity you have it all in one place

Only gamers are allowed

Agamity has a unique user-base of only gamers, therefore you won't be bothered by irrelevant information

Read about games

Agamity stores more than 51 thousand games about which you can read about and discover similar games

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