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Terms of Use
Last modified on 25/4/2020

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General Conditions
Last modified on 25/4/2020
  • Agamity reserves the right to delete your post, comment or account without any further notice if determined by the disobedience of our Terms and Conditions
  • Agamity reserves the right to alter the mentioned Terms and Conditions at any time. If we do so you will be noticed with a notification
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Privacy policy
Last modified on 30/4/2020

Agamity is based on social networking gamers around the world
To accomplish this, Agamity users create their profiles that provide other users with their user-submitted name, surname, nickname, email, and password
We use your personal information only for providing and improving Agamity
  • Agamity does not claim any ownership rights from user-submitted content
  • Agamity users may remove any of their personal information or content at any time (profile image, post, like and comment)
  • Agamity users have the ability to decide who can view their posts
  • Name and Surname will be visible only on one's profile page and while searching for a user
  • Nickname will be used for recognition of one's comment, post or while searching for a user
  • Email and Password won't be visible to other users
  • Passwords are stored in the hashed form in our database
  • Agamity stores your data and information in separate tables for further protection

Agamity cannot unfortunately guarantee the absolute security of your personal information
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